Thought Catalysts
Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness
Catalyzing Conversations for Change


We work with leaders at all levels of organizations to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Helping organizations to access their full potential through creating diverse learning environments that allow all employees to contribute fully.

Create effective diverse organizations

Demographics of the U.S. workforce are changing and we are interacting in an increasingly global marketplace. Embracing both of these dynamics can provide competitive advantage and sustainability to organizations that understand how to learn and grow with the changes.

Align business strategy and organizational culture
Cognizant of the changes in demographics, world markets, student populations or whatever is most pressing in your world, you are changing your strategy and yet the culture of your organization seems not to change. Let us help you to define and introduce a culture and processes which are more aligned with your strategy.

Implement Change
"Organizations are in a constant state of change." "Things are changing at an increasing pace." We say these words often without thinking about what they mean to us as human beings. As individuals, we need to make sense of and integrate change in order to contribute fully to whatever organization we serve. Part of the reason it becomes increasingly difficult to get employees to engage in critical new  strategies or ways of working is because they are still holding on to past patterns. Thought Catalysts can help complete previous change efforts allowing attention to move to your current priorities.

Improve effectiveness through diversity

As  organizations understand that diversity is an imperative to thriving in the 21st Century, the challenge becomes one of understanding how to make the most of the creativity that is the promise of different experience, approaches and styles. However, it is not sufficient to simply place different people in a group and expect that they will reach peak performance magically. We help your organization to create sustainable processes to attract excellence people, integrate them and as a result more effectively meet the mission of your organization.

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