Thought Catalysts
Integrate Strategy and Organizational Change

Thought Catalysts specializes in helping leaders implement strategic organizational change.

We offer a full complement of evidence based methods and pragmatic solutions related to making meaningful change in client organizations including:
  • Aligning business strategy with organizational development
    • Has your business strategy changed faster than the  organizational culture that supports it?
    • How does your culture need to change to support success in a changing marketplace?

  • Speeding effectiveness of project implementation
    Change Implementation)

    • Stop burning out Project Managers. Give them tools and training to reduce human resistance to major new business processes and programs.
    • Deliver programs on schedule and stay within budget. Reduce delays related to predictable human responses.
    • Speed program utilization after implementation.

  • Sharing tools. We will share critical success factors that drive the success of developing a sustainable process for increasing the diversity of your organization.  We choose appropriate tools and practices to customize a solution for your unique environment. We can coach your project managers to create a process or serve as part of the team when that is appropriate.

  • Making the invisible visible by measuring the “soft stuff.”
    • Would you like to know if that complaint you just heard is one person's opinion or a widely held belief? We offer tools to allow you to bring this information out into the open.
    • Imagine what you could do if you had visual trend data showing morale by department.

  • Communicating important priorities throughout an organization
    • Make sure that messages are consistent with the magnitude of the change occurring in the organization.
    • Morale can be strengthened by effective communications in times of significant change.
    • Do you have a thorough plan to make sure the message you intend to share is being heard over over rumors?   

  • Bringing new ideas and objectivity to static situations

  • Creating powerful culture and values

  • Increasing team effectiveness
    • How do you engage new team members so that they can contribute as quickly and effectively as possible?
    • Do you have a transparent way to make decisions?
    • What are the shared values and agreed behaviors in the team? in the organization?
    • How do you build trust quickly when a group needs to work together?
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