Thought Catalysts
Change Implementation
Planning for and Engaging Change

Because at Thought Catalysts we focus our work around aligning business strategy and change management. We believe that implementation is where you will realize the value of strategy development. As an example of applying our work, we looked at major program implementation. The discussion about how technology is leveraged in business is an interesting area for managing significant change in organizations.

We got curious about this apparent gap and conducted a study addressing issues around human resistance in technology implementation. The study highlights best practices and a methodology for successful project management when business process changes are significant.

Survey participants are people who have knowledge and experience in implementing technology projects or can see across a number of projects. They understand that technology projects must be aligned with the business strategy. We interviewed leaders who understand what makes different projects successful, specifically related to human behavior, change management and resistance.

Organizations that participated in the survey include:

  • ARAMARK Healthcare
  • Boston Scientific
  • Capgemini
  • CommonThread Incorporated
  • EMC